All the information that you need

The Visitor Centre is the info point of Crespi d’Adda. Here there is the possibility to get all informa:on related to self made guided visits on Sunday and on holy days. In the first case in the Visitor Centre in Corso Manzoni 18 you can buy a mini kit for your self made visit.

You can enter and visit Crespi d’Adda without to pay any :cket. With a low cost you can take part to a guided visit, to live a complete experience of the working village, following different thematic itinerary.

Opening hours

SAT: 8:45-17:45
SUN and HOLIDAY: 8:45-18:30


PHONE: +39 02 9091712


Crespi d’Adda is a true village, where people really live, with the same needings that in all other villages and towns. In the mean time it is a special place because its shape and its history change it in a turistic and cultural place. As all the touristic places it needs a specaial attention from the tourists; a higher attention considering that it is still inhabitated. The houses, one of the most attractive elements, has to be visited with a particular respect, to avoid to disturb the owners, who live in.. The pinewood, a place where to have a rest, has to be kept tidy, and the food waste at the end of a pic-nic should be put in the baskets for waste, or taken away.

The highest attention has to be given to the cemetery: one of the most charming place of the village, it is often considered laììlike a normal monument, but it’s a place thought for the memory, and the prays , this is why we have to visiti tit without disturbing who is visiting beloved people. It’s important to avoid to stay there to chat, or to play.

Only few, easy guide lines, really important to make easy the coexistence between who lives and who visits Crespi d’Adda. An essential coexistance in order to live a meeting which can be important for both of them.